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Wahls Protocol anyone?

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Did it work?

Any tips?

I started the Wahls protocol this week, after reading the book.  Not too encouraged, adding another 4-5 cups of veggies to my diet has not gone over well with my tummy... 

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Skimmed the diet, good way to clean out and get good  amounts of vitamins and trace minerals. There are some things to consider, with damaged guts we have issues digesting tougher food, most of the foods and amounts would be quite harsh on a damaged GI tract.
There is also the adjustment period of any new diet and your guts microbiome. I would approach it a bit differently, easy into it with 1/4th the amount suggest...and cook them soft in a soup or stew so they are easier to digest. Also you might want to watch out for some of those foods, you might have a food intolerance or sensitivity. If you have the time and patience use a rotating elimination diet first to see if you have a food intolerance or sensitivity to any of the suggested vegetables.

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