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So yesterday, I had a major UC flare, I thought it was celiac at first but several components where wrong, my celiac normally has pain under the ribs and core of my gut. This pain was under my navel starting and moved around the entire outside of my gut. I did not have my ataxia, no vomiting, JUST PAIN. The pain was so bad even my nerve damaged self felt it to the point of just having silent tears. Nothing helped, Hot bath, doubling down on slippery elm, marshmallow, heck I even tried 16g of magnesium before bed to flush it..that and half a bottle of melotonin to knock me out.  I distended.....I had a measured 6" extra around my gut, it felt like I had a rolled up wet bath towel stuffed in my large intestines.

Only 3 things new, I tried daiya cheese again, I tried lifefit cocoa powder, and I started a micosa supplement a few days ago. I threw away the chocolate, and am throwing away the daiya cheesy bread I made today. I am still paranoid about it being gluten....but it does not add up. -_- wondering if I should toss my blender, and everything that touched those items?

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Oh Ennis, I am so sorry that you are unwell.  

Do not throw away your blender!  Just wash it out.  

It could have been anyone of those items you described that caused your UC to flare (it does not sound like a gluten exposure).   Each one is processed.  I know that you like experimenting but sticking to a non-processed diet might be the best option for you.  You know me, I take no supplements, but my diet, though simple, is vegetable rich, plenty of fats and protein.   I am not deficient in anything.  

Your flare could be totally unrelated to food.  It is just so frustrating.  But that recent study at Scripps at UC San Diego showed over a 70% remission rate with non-processed foods (AIP diet).  



Try to consume some simple mushy soft foods (stews or soup) and keep hydrated.  Rest.  

I hope you recover fast, if not, get to your doctor.  

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Ennis, that sucks! Sorry to read that you aren't feeling well. 

I used to pass out from my pain gut pain, but have started taking cbd oil when I feel pain in my lower abdomen. It helps with those strong cramp type pains.

I second what cyclinglady said, as soon as I stopped eating anything processed I felt better. 


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