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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Hey everyone !!!

I have an appt with an allergist on the 11th of jan.

I started eating gluten again and am feeling horrible....

I have the sob, anxiety, constipation and brain fogg all over again... I also have alot of air in my stomach when ever i take a deep breath i can feel air shooting out... is this common?

I called the allergist to ask if i have to be eating the foods i'm being screened for at the time of the appointment....

His wife says no that the test is a skin test where he injects the wheat or gluten under the skin to see if it brings on a reaction....

I know thats what they do for allergy testing.

I asked her if an allergy and intolerance were the same thing and she said yes...

Is this true i was under the impression it wasn't!

does anyone know the right answer and if this skin test is going to help me at all....

thanks soo much!

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No, in my opinion the skin test wont show you an intolerance or a sensitivity....just an allergy. They are not the same. Allergy symptoms are immediate whereas the others can be delayed up to 72 hours.

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The body generates several types of antibodies with differing effects. The creation of these antibodies is a normal reaction of the body to an "intruder", or foreign substance. The main purpose is to lead to the distruction of the intruder; however, often the bodies own cells get attacked as innocent bystanders leading ot many symptoms. I think I remember there are 4 major types of antibodies of which 3 are mostly responsible for symptoms:

IgE: These are mostly associated with immediate onset reactions to an alergen (foreign substance to which the body reacts). They cause the body to release histamines (hence a relief is an antihistamine). The symptoms caused by these histamines are most often things like wheezing, sneezing, drippy nose, and in the worse case anaphylaxis which causes a swelling of the air passages which can result in death by suffocation (e.g. peanut allergy). These reactions are most often referred to as allergies. The typical test for these is the skin prick test.

IgG: These are mostly created in the blood and other body fluids as a reaction to these fluids coming in contact to an alergen. The symptoms associated with these are typically not immediate but occur up to several hours or even days later. Symptoms are very varied with different people but include things like abdominal gas, bloat, constipation or diharea, skin rashes, aches, fatigue, etc. These reactions are most often referred to as "sensitivities" or "intollerances". The typical test for these is a blood test for specfic antibodies (e.g. anti-gliadin antibody). One common test method is to test for reactions to many (~100) allergens simultaneously using an ELISA array test.

IgA: These are similar to IgG except mostly produced in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. They are more likely to be found in the fecal contents of the intestines, but can also "leak" into the bloodstream thru the intestine walls. Symptoms are similar to IgG symptoms. These are also often referred to as "sensitivites" or "intollerances". The typical test is either a fecal test or a blood test.

In general IgG and IgA are associated with food sensitivities/intollerances and diseases such as celiac disease. IgE antibodies are more associated with hayfever, etc.

Keep in mind that almost every dr seems to have a different definition of allergy, sensitivity, and intollerance, so it's best to try to relate whatever they call something to the type of antibody: IgE, IgG, or IgA. A good reference for all this can be found at http://yorkallergyusa.com/dfa.html


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NOT the same thing--and I would have a hard time trusting a doc who thought so. Not sure if this allergist will really be a help to you. To add further to what's been said, I had a conventional IgE allergy test and an IgG intol test. The IgE test came back normal for all things--no allergies. The IgG came back high for a myriad of foods--including gluten foods. The IgE showed none of that--so a traditional allergy test will not help you with Celiac or food intolerances. When I did a scratch allergy test it was for more seasonal respiratory allergies like pollen, feathers, dust. If you are interested in intolerances and the like--I would opt for another test, via doctor or try one of the labs people use here.

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Very informative posts... My head is spinning trying to understand good and bad tests.

I started seeing an ALLERGIST last year who said he treats celiac disease patients. I had a series of blood tests by a clinical lab called METAMETRIX. A huge waste of $$$. I believe the tests are not accurate and after I went through all the tests the doc admitted they [are NOT reliable]. HA! Why is it when you tell the doctors you are cash pay and m-o-n-e-y is a big issue and I have a hard time buying food, let alone pay thousands for needless worthless test they stick it to ya anyway. It's beyond me. Do the doc's not listen to what we tell them? I know they don't care!

The METAMETRIX test did not show I have a problem with WHEAT, DAIRY, OATS, PORK, ORANGES, or the other things I know I can't eat. Why? Why? The thing the test did show was that I'm high on the response to SOYBEANS. So I spent all that money for what?

I told him I can't afford more needless tests. Then the doc talked me into food allergy scratch tests more $$$$. Let me say I don't have asthma or breathing problems, maybe a few things like rag weed or northern plants that causes sinus problem as a teen. I've been living in Florida 20 years and no longer around those allergens. The girl that tested me was a doll; she was sweet and very helpful. First they made up histamines for me, I don't really understand why. You must put a drop or two under your tongue to prevent a reaction when you come in contact with allergens. The histamines made me a little dizzy and felt like I needed to lay down about 15-minutes after the drops. After that type of reaction taking it a few times, he told me to stop and throw the small vial out. More $$$ for nothing!

I asked about them doing a celiac disease profile. Although I know I have celiac disease, I'm not sure how it will change things for me (I'm gluten & dairy free 4+ years). They told me they don't do the blood work for the Celiac Profile I would have to go to Quest. Quest told me the tests are $700.00 for cash pay without insurance. Forget that!

Next -- The doc started me off scratch testing the foods I eat every day/week to see if they are the cause. I have moderate problem with bananas, beef, broccoli, carrots, chocolate, citrus, coffee, green beans, pineapples, rice, soybean (the other test said highly), tea, and turkey. << Those foods are what I live on. Higher allergic are apples, coconut and a few more.

I stopped scratch testing because I was feeling sick. The allergist doctor made an antidote SHOT for the things that the scratch test showed I have a problem with. It was $300 prepaid to prepare the antidote. I had ONE antidote SHOT and I got sick, it was before I knew my tooth was an issue. I look back in retrospect, I had a broken back tooth that was infected after taking penicillin based antibiotic (I immediately all over felt better), then I had a crown and root canal and fixed my tooth :D. I haven't been back to the allergist since to get more shots I'm not sure I want to waste anymore $$$ on scratches. I know I have serious food allergy problems more then gluten & dairy, and as time passed they are getting worse. Anyone know what that happens?

I know my celiac friends here are so helpful and know a lot more then the docs that treat us.

So what does everyone out here in cyberspace think of food scratch testing? Has anyone else had food allergy shots, for celiac disease?

I blog

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