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My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. He has gluten free tooth paste, shampoo and bubble bath. Since we kiss our son do we need to worry about what we use, especially what we put on our face? Chapstick? Make-up? Shaving Cream? Face lotion? Thank you!!! 

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What a great question!  

I used a gluten free (no gluten ingredients) lipstick/gloss/moisturizer prior to my diagnosis for my gluten-free hubby.  I also bought gluten-free hand lotion that we could all use.  It just made it easier (weird that I ended up having to be gluten free).   Odds of getting glutened by kissing?  Probably low, but why take chances?  I think kids who consume gluten probably “gluten” adults in most cases.  

Old member “Jebby”  (aka The Patient Celiac) 


reported getting glutened by her four small children.  I believe her.  She is a preemie baby doctor.  She had her entire house go gluten free after she had her kids tested.  It just made it easier for her.  

So glad you are being so supportive!  Someday, your son will thank you.

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