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Hello friends,

I had a thought today as I was about to do something I used to love and realised that it did not interest me anymore.

I am not talking about depression, I definitely know how that feels. This is different. It is not a bad thing. I have a feeling my life will change a lot as soon as I am feeling up to it. 

It is like I was planted as a tulip, but came up as broccoli 4 or 5 months ago (my diagnosis). Although I love broccoli, it is quite an adjustment. I can't seem to figure out what I love anymore. Most of my life had to do with spontaneity, laughter and food/beer/art/music/film. Now I realise that I am very tired and am unsure if I want to continue doing things I used to love because it feels like it is out of habit. The only way to figure it out is to try I suppose. I have discovered new things I love, like sprouting, making kefir, planting plants etc. Travelling was a favorite activity and now it just stresses me out to think about preparing even further in advance. I have only been back at work for 3 weeks after a 2 month sick leave. I still have trouble walking and have nerve issues, so now its work, physio, cooking and I have very little time for other things. I have an appointment with a specialist Dr who also is a micro nutritionist soon. I really hope he's good. I might have deficiencies that were missed.

Anyone out there feeling a similar way?

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I think everyone goes through periods in their life where their interests change.  Some are impacted by a move, the birth of a child, a new job or an illness.  

Since you are just newly diagnosed, cut yourself some slack.  This is the time to take care of yourself.  Once healed, you may go back to your other activities or you might not.  But that is okay.  


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