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When Dr.s don’t want to do a full Colonoscopy?

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So Recently I just had an office visit with a Gastroenterologist, who ordered a flex sigmoidoscopy, which is basically half of the colon, vs a colonoscopy which is the whole thing. They want to do this before an endoscopy. (I’m assuming they want to rule out something like UC, since my celiac blood panel came back negative?) I really wanted to make sure I was covering all the bases though, so I insisted that I would prefer a colonoscopy. They told me that since I’m on the younger side (I’m 22) they don’t think a full colonoscopy is necessary. I explained to them I wanted to make sure there’s nothing bad going on in the upper part of my colon, but they still ordered the flex sig instead of the full colonoscopy. So asking advice to people who have gone through these things, is it possible they could miss something like UC or Crohns, or a polp (or honestly whatever, since I don’t have a confirmation of what’s going on in my poor intestines, apart from gluten intolerance.) I don’t want to look back years from now with the same symptoms and wish I had gotten a full colonoscopy done. 

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Did you talk to the GI about seronegative celiacs?  That you had been gluten free at the time of testing?  I encouraged you previously to remain gluten free until you could do a gluten challenge at the winter break or summer since you were student.  I guess your GI does not suspect celiac disease at all.   He should know that celiac disease testing requires you to  be on a normal gluten-filled diet.  

You probably do not not need a full colonoscopy.  He probaby can not justify it with the insurance company.  It is probably the same with the endoscopy since you had negative celiac blood tests because you were already gluten free. 

Your odds of having any cancer are almost nil.  But the sigmoidoscopy may not find UC or Crohn’s (it could find hemorrhoids which could explain blood in the tissue).     It certainly can not diagnose celiac disease, but nothing can when you are already gluten free.  That does not mean that you might not have IBD or celiac disease.   My niece was diagnosed with Crohn’s with a pill camera.  No scope could reach her damage area.  

I wish I could help you more.  


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