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Vodka and other liquors

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Hello everyone,

Recently diagnosed and wondering if liquors made from wheat (vodka, gin, etc.) bother you all. I don't have symptoms so no idea whether they are safe or not. I have been avoiding alcohol since my diagnosis. I also have a jar of vodka sauce labelled "gluten free" that I am hesitant to eat since the vodka was most likely wheat-based.

Thank you!

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I pretty much do not drink as I have autoimmune gastritis now. 😥.  However, distilled alcohol is gluten free, while brewed (beer) is not.  As Rose stated, cross contamination could always occur especially if flavors are added.  I used to stick with potato vodka.  Sometimes piece of mind can be priceless.  I also like REAL gluten free beers and not “gluten removed”. beers.  

If that sauce is the Classico brand, for sure it is safe.  It is even marked gluten free on the jar.  

Consider subscribing to the Gluten Free WatchDog”.  Trisha is a dietitian and a celiac who is highly regarded in celiac circles. For a few dollars a month, you can keep on top of processed gluten-free foods and current food labeling issues.  She is the Consumer Reports for the gluten free community.  

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