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New Years and Snack Plates

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SO here comes new years and I remade a bunch of snacks gluten, dairy, grain free for family. The monte cristo knock off can be found in my blog but this one was fun and a old family favorite.

Creamcheese and Ham Roll ups I got some Siete Almond Flour tortillas instead of flour and rolled them up with Kite Hill Jalapeno Cream Cheese, and Oscar Myer Natural Ham...these used to be a go to finger food for holidays and parties...still a big hit. Cut them up for parties and serve with toothpicks. 

Deviled Eggs, easy peasy, I used primal kitchen mayo and mustard, 6 hard boiled eggs, mashed the yolks with 3tbsp mayo 2tbsp mustard, big dash of pepper and a pinch of salt served with sprinkle of paprika ove the top

Standard and plain Bush beans or black eyed peas are gluten free. Make your own by stewing with turkey bacon or bacon.

Cheese Balls, I made a cheese ball out o Miyoko Vegan Mozz, used 8oz boiling water and blended the block in it, then mixed 2tbsp Agar Agar (2 packs of knoxx will work), 2tbsp coconut flour and 1 tbsp psyllium husk (the husk can be omitted but makes it gooy if you melt it later) with 4 oz of cold water, then combined the 2 mixes blended and reheated then put in a mold. I covered this with Better then Bacon Vegan Parma and served with Califour Foods Crackers

Fried onions, used this recipe and served them up, air fried them 425F 12 mins a batch https://www.celiac.com/blogs/entry/2584-french-friedblooming-onions/



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Great ideas!

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3 hours ago, selectivefocus said:

I love Primal kitchen mayo. 

Same only one I can really eat and not get sick with. I have recipes for making some great coleslaw also using it.
They also make the only Ketchup I can have corn free, they recently released BBQ Sauce, Steak Sauce, and a WONDERFUL Spicy Ketchup.
I found their dressing to be a god send...first time in 4 years I had had Ranch, Ceaser or Green Goddess. Dairy and Corn Free, YES.

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