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Support for going on gluten-free diet

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Hi. As per my previous post I have been advised by my GI to go gluten free as I will be waiting approx 12 months for endoscopy. 

So I am on day 4. I don't find it too daunting as my sister is celiac. I am being very careful. 

Day 4 I feel worse. I have dreadful. Acid reflux and have had minor stomach discomfort each day. My original symptoms are still present. 

Anyone any idea about the reflux??? I am eating quite plain gluten-free foods. Nothing out of the ordinary for me. 

Thanks for reading. 

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It's not entirely unusual. Your body is probably going through gluten withdrawal. It's mad at you for taking away it's gluten & is rebelling. Your sister may or may not have gone through gluten withdrawal. Some don't but most do. Just google gluten withdrawal & see how many posts there are on the subject.

You can ditch dairy & see if that helps. The tips of the villi are the first destroyed & they are what deals with breaking down the lactose in dairy. Another thing is cook everything to death. I know, not fun, but easier on your gut. Go with things like soups, stews. Don't eat any processed foods yet; just fresh fruits, veggies & meats. 

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Ditto on squirmingitch about the cook to death. Steam the veggies to mush. then mash. Stew that meat til it melts. I would suggest avoiding the following.
Dairy due to damaged vili.
White potatoes, rice, grains, the starch will cause gas right now as you shift over, some sweet potatoes or canned pumpkin puree if you need some easier to digest carbs. 
Spices/Acidic Foods, consider your gut carpet burned and damaged, it will 
Soy, peanuts, legumes, are often intolerance issues.
Supplemental digestive enzymes will help with getting nutrients from your food and ensuring proper digestion. Often over cooking neutralizes the natural enzymes in food.

I just posted one simple recipe on my blog here that uses a interesting cooking method to keep meat soft and tender. 
If you can tolerate nuts, I might suggest nut meal porridge, or just some almond butter or sunflower butter.

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I'm so sorry it's so hard. I felt like I was hit by a truck, a really big truck, when I first went gluten free. Like the worst flu on the planet. Before I went gluten free, I had a lot of weight gain but it was all inflammation and I lost 30 lbs in a few weeks, but it was all water.  I was very weak at the end of it, but on the road to recovery.  Drink lots of water to help the poisons get out of your body. I just sat in front of the TV and watched some good old movies. I was also very hungry and tried to give my body good healthful whole foods, no processed stuff even if gluten free, NO OATS, no other grains. I got through it but it took several weeks.

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Hello welcome. All great advice from above posters. 

yep it's acid reflux is familiar to me. I had multiple intolerance s after diagnosis. My esophagus and stomach visually were a mess the gi scope biopsies showed inflammation of immune nature, but not marsh grade villi destruction. As I could only complete 6 consecutive days of my gluten challenge.

For me my immune system attacks -everything !😳 All my organs felt inflammed. I believe my immune systems attacks my stomach, which affects my acid production, processing of food, and well if the stomach can't  do its job right the rest of the tract also inflamed has additional burdens.

I found Apple cider vinegar and fresh minced ginger  was my friend in the beginning. I still do it now when I need it. I like Dr. Axe's formula.


I blended My foods for several weeks as I had 13 intolerances, a ton of inflammation, my gallbladder was a trickle of bile, and My pancreas too inflamed to make enzymes properly. My inflamed stomach clearly couldn't product the right amount of HCL and damaged parietal cells likely not able to absorb many nutrients especially b12.

My stomach cells I believe get damaged. I discovered with  more recent c.c.  Experiences reveal when the stomach  gets inflamed I need to supplement b12 sublingually. As my typical supplement is not absorbed right when my stomach is inflamed . The sublingual  b12 helps a bit with the bloat, but my body has to heal to really kick it.  I take liquid vitamin d and liquid magnesium as well. I enjoy a good Epsom salt bath for comfort. As others says tons of water. I drink water keifer too. Dandelion tea is helpful as well. L-glycine may help healing. I also heard (never personally tried) aswaganda  may benefit mood.

I use tcm acupuncture as well to support my body. I have been seeing my chiropractic tcm Dr for years now. Who ironically is also a celiac. 

I am slowly getting down a routine here. I'd love to say I never get cc, but even at my strictest DH current best practices regime it still occasionally slips in. 😠 For my DH I use topical zinc oxide.

I like the others above use many of the tricks and arsenal of tools that I pull out to support my body. I really hate being cc, and I'll admit it is one of the most challenging things emotionally I am learning to accept as this celiac life is showing me I can't control everything in my environment all the time.

Gluten is everywhere. I wish it were not. I just am vigilant and avoid being reckless. No eating out. whole foods based diet as most gluten-free processed foods were revealed to be an issue for me. What is not Whole foods I make from scratch at home. Only a few certified gluten-free processed foods make the cut.

In closing I swear once enough of the initial gluten was out of my system,  I no joke slept a ton for 2 years, probably more than I have my whole life as My body needed to heal years of damage due to misdiagnosis.

Your sis I'm sure will help you, but as you'll find most of us are different with many similarities. We have to tailor, our healthy daily routine and our healing routine over time for our unique selves. While my cousin is celiac we are not one size fits all, even with shared genetics. I can't have corn, corn dervatives, or cows milk. She avoids lactose milk products,  but has no corn issues.

Hope we have given you some helpful info and tricks of the healing trade. 



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