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What Is The Purpose Of A Biopsy?

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Last week, I was feelig so bad. :angry: MY GI wanted me to re-introduce gluten for an endoscopy. I had been so much in pain while I had gluten. I did not know what to think. Then, Peter. wrote a wonderful response to my post, with a lot of medical details. :P

We made the decision with my husband that I would not re-introduce gluten if I have a biospy. My blood test is igg 16 and iga 8. I am on a gluten-free diet for the last 3 months. ;)

Now, the question is to know: do I need a biopsy? How important is to know the statut of the small intestine to prevent lymphoma, cancer.....???? :o

I have been more tired since I went gluten-free. I have only 20% of my energy. Some days, I can work for 3, 4 hours. Other days, I can not move, washing my hair feels like running 50 mile marathon. :ph34r:

Of course, I am surprised to feel weaker than before. The improvement is that my pain is almost gone. (colon pain). But, I am still worried. This loss of energy, is so weird. I won't ever eat gluten again. I have the conviction that I am ceilac. Do you think that the Enterolab tests for genes, malabsortion and some York test for food allergies are enough to get better and to have a clear full understanding of the ceilac sprue? :huh: Thank you so much for all your support, this forum has changed my life!!!

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Guest jhmom

In my opinion a biopsy is not needed if you have positive blood tests or show an improvement in the gluten free diet. Some others may disagree but I know first hand that blood tests even biopsies are not 100% accurate. I was tested through Enterolab but that was after all other tests were negative, you could go that route but I think you already have your answers with the improvement and no pain.

I can't explain the fatigue it could be something totally different or it could be your body recuperating from being poisoned for so long. I do hope you feel a lot better soon, take care :)

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I just go kicked off by spam (something to think about by the change in the system??)


I had the biopsy when I was feeling really bad and it showed a true positive for celiac. I am in full agreement with the Dr., that if you feel better going gluten free, then continue. I too wanted to call my infliction with a "name", but with the diet and health getting better, you can assume the name.

Since you have fatigue issues, please contact your doctor and request a full blood panel (they used to call it and executive panel) to test your levels of essential elements for your bodies heath. They will show all deficiencies regarding vitamines (I can never spell that word). That may be the source of your fatigue.

Hope this will be helpful.

Lisa B

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Guest nini

I continued to have really bad fatigue until I started taking B-12... def. look into checking for vitamin deficiencies... that may be part of the cause of your fatigue. Since Celiac is a disease of malnutrition, you can bet that your body hasn't been absorbing essential nutrients for a long long time.

I would say you do not need the biopsy. It would only confirm if there is damage, but since you have been gluten-free for 3 months, your damage may already be healed... Positive blood work is proof enough for me.

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It's been 6 months since diagnosis by super high blood work, and I have never had endoscopy. I'm like you, my digestive stuff is much better (unless there is an accident - then I want to curl up and die!) but I am very fatiqued. It's exactly as you said - simple things feel like running a marathon. And my vitamins have been checked and are not below limits. I haven't been sleeping as well as I used to, so I am starting to think maybe it is another food allergy (I've already cut out milk, but it could be something else too) or fibromyalgia. I'm getting my ANA looked at again too (this is a test to look for tissue disease).

I don't think endoscopy is necessary for diagnosis - I know I have Celiac. However, I'm considering having done since I am still having symptoms after six months and I would like to know what is going on in there (as in, maybe something in addition to Celiac). You never know. I will likely wait another 3 months until I pursue this though. I have recently had a gluten accident, which probably is making things seem 10x times worse right now.

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Hello Julie,

You might consider telling the doctors to check your thyroid levels. This could be causing your fatigue and thyroid disease is associated with celiac.

Good Luck

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