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General stomach cramping or typical occurrence with celiac?

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·         I was diagnosed with Celiac about one month ago. I've stuck to a strict gluten-free diet and I've felt fantastic. Well, minus the heightened sensitivity to eating large portions (at a restaurant), or heavy meals that don't sit well. Prior to diagnosis I described my pain to the doctor as extreme period cramps. Today after lunch I began to feel on oncoming gluten pain, but it would also make sense as PMS. Asking for today and for future reference... Do most celiac diagnosed individuals get random stomach aches and cramps even when on a strict diet? Is this just something I have to get used to? I'd say I get a stomach ache once or twice a week after eating.

PS-I miss beer.


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Welcome.  Your diet may not be so strict.  Is the restaurant you are eating at 100% gluten free?  If not, you have the risk of cross contamination at restaurants.  

If you are getting gluten exposures, your celiac disease activates.  Digesting anything then, is going to hurt until your body stops attacking your small intestine.  That could be days, weeks or months!    

One month is not usually long enough to heal.  You are still finding your way (most likely making dietary mistakes).   Try to figure out where you may be getting gluten exposures.  Give yourself more time to heal.  Like six months!  😊

There are some good real certifed gluten-free (do not buy “gluten removed”) beers on the market.  But wait a while. You need to forget what real beer tastes like.  

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