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How Long does it take for Dapsone to work?

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I do not have DH....but from what other members have said, Dapsone works.  There are some very serious side effects.  Most members try to rely on the gluten-free diet long term.  It is your best defense!  However, they must be very strict.  Most do not eat out and they avoid even processed gluten-free foods.  They tend to experiment once the DH resolves.  But it can take months to years for the antibodies to work their way out of the skin.

Browse through the DH section for valuable tips (like avoiding iodine in your diet or using ice packs).  

Good luck!  



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Hello!  It took me about 3 days to really start to feel a difference.  After about 2 weeks it was great!!


I will say though, I didn't seem to be able to completely heal and stop the DH entirely until I quit dapsone and cut iodine.  It was like it just slightly lingered....I also didn't feel great too after a couple of months of dapsone even though my blood tests were okay, although just barely in the okay range. 

I still have some at home...more for an emergency if I get really bad again.  I won't go back on it unless I absolutely have to. 

I recommend, drinking a lot of water and no iodine (one piece of salmon gives me a terrible DH breakout).  I eventually did keto as a way to cut and really limit my food choices too because I kept messing up...I am extremely sensitive to cross contamination....even certified gluten free food sometimes gets me. 

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