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I love to cook but I find myself staying indoors too often. Looking to get better at packing food. My workplace doesn't have many gluten-free options nearby or places to store food, so I am wondering what you would recommend for weekly mealprep? What are some staples you rely on? What food travels well (especially during the summer). Etc etc. 

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Invest in some small coolers.  In the summer, I often place a small cooler within a larger hard-sided cooler while transporting my lunch in the car.  I have some soft-sided coolers for quick trips too.

Here is some ideas for meal prep.  Youtube has tons of videos.  Just make sure everything is gluten free, of course!  



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I have meal prep containers (fitness ones are great with meal prep coolers and shakers https://www.amazon.com/BloominGoods-Leakproof-Portion-Container-Reusable/dp/B073DVHZCB/


Ideas, I do egg dishes often, quiches, omelets etc,  My own gluten free baked goods often get blended into them but I find blending them into easier to digest as a soft egg dish (just me)
Other options,
Sheet pan meals  (look up some recipes) of a protein and veggies, do a few pans and portion out into containers. Add different seasonings on top of each one to mix it up (Big Axe Spice, and Primal Kitchen condiments are my favorites)
Doing crock pot roast same concept as above.
Baked Quiches again same concept with different seasoned each day.
Grilled meats and leftovers from dinners and breakfast
Chopped salads, with chunks of meat (grilled chicken or canned tuna), nuts/seeds/, Dressing (primal kitchen)
Whole foods like hard boiled eggs, sliced avocados, nuts, carrots, celery, fruit
Food/Protein Bars.

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