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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

E. Kay Harris

Gastroenterologist needed in Manteca, CA

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I live in Manteca, CA, near Modesto and Stockton CA. 

I need to find a gastroenterologist who knows about Celiac, do they exist?  Been very sick & have lost 16 lbs.  - not eating gluten - just can't eat regular diet without getting diarrhea.  I have Kaiser, but willing to go outside it. 

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Bad news.  If you want to get tested for celiac disease, you MUST be consuming gluten daily.  How long have you been off gluten?  A gluten challenge requires 6 to 12 weeks for the blood tests.  If you have just been off for a week or so, start eating gluten and go forward with testing.  

Check the Kaiser GI’s in those two towns.  Usually their bios (found online) for each doctor reveal their specialities.  One is bound to deal with celiac disease.  But with Kaiser, you need to see your PCP first.  They can order testing (blood tests)  but  know that PCPs can only order a screening celiac test (TTG) at Kaiser.   Some celiacs (like me) might not test positive to the screening TTG?  If negative insist on a GI referral.  He or she can order the complete celiac panel.  They can also check you for anemia which is common for celiacs.  


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