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Celiac tests for 2 Year old

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I am new here but suspect that my 2 year old has issues with gluten.


Background- Both my husband and I have found that we feel (and look) much healthier when on a gluten free diet and we both have eat gluten free, and have for 7 years. Unfortunately, I have never been tested for Celiac because- although I saw different doctors for my issues (IBS, migraines, lack of a menstrual cycle and cystic acne) NOT ONE DOCTOR ever mentioned Celiac or gluten sensitivity as a possibility. I never knew a test for this even existed. A stranger randomly told me to try eating gluten free when she overheard me complaining about my acne and the rest is history. Every issue I had righted itself on a gluten free diet. 

Now we are noticing some symptoms with our 2 year old after she consumes gluten. Mainly problems sleeping soundly (sometime she wakes up screaming the night after she ate it) and constipation and pain when she has a bowel movement. 

We mentioned it to a general pediatrician and he said she can’t get tested till 4 years old- is this true? He said her immune system isn’t fully developed yet and it may come back incorrect.

Can/should we do an elimination and reintroduction of gluten?

Any other tips or experience you’ve had would be very helpful! Thank you in advance! 

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If the tests come back as negative, then retest in six months to a year.  Some kids take longer to develop antibodies, but you will never know until you try.  

Consider a gluten challenge for yourself.  It will definitely help you, your family and even medical (future issues).  I know with my diagnosis, our family doctor has not hesitated to retest my kid even without symptoms nor has insurance denied it.  

I would push for testing before going gluten free.  

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