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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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I have celiac and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and was wondering if anyone else with celiac has this as well? Just wondering if they were related...

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I did not have those symptom's but I like GFinDC wanted to provide you a good thread that might help you and some other research that might answer your question.

See this active thread that Healthy Squirrel is dealing with similar issues but not AIWS pers se....but neurological issues ...she/they have  had a hard time figuring out ...but now they have an idea of what is going on . . .and it is not all in her mind.

I also did some research to see if AIWS was related or occurred in Celiac disease and I didn't not see a direction connection....but sometimes AIWS can occur in those with SIBO or someone who has Lyme disease or EBV.

Here is some research that list common causes of AIWS maybe some of them will strike you.


they conclude noting/quoting

"Cases of AIWS with the use of montelukast,[10] a mast cell stabilizer, are described. Moreover, the association with Lyme disease, mononucleosis and H1N1-influenza infection are known.[11,12,13,14,15] Further studies concerning this association are yet not ruled out.

In general, the treatment plan consists of giving migraine prophylaxis, (anticonvulsants, antidepressants, calcium channel blockers and beta blockers). Following a migraine diet regimen affords immense relief."

I hope this is helpful but this is not medical advice.


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I used to get Alice in Wonder Land syndrome on occasion. Mostly I think it was a dreams or when I was waking up or going to sleep. I would imagine a finger which was absurdly huge like a mountain and a bicycle that was like made out of toothpicks. The combination of the two was very nightmarish. Also it was accompanied by sound that was to low pitched and slow. If I watch videos on youtube played back at a slow speed that is somewhat similar to my experience. It gives me a uncomfortable feeling. I also once got it during the daytime for a brief period of time. I haven't had that happen in a few years and I suspect it was linked to gluten cross contamination.

I didn't have AIWS very often before I went gluten free (only a couple times when I was dreaming, going to sleep or waking up), but things do look a lot different now then they did before. Before houses looked big and pain and imposing. Now they appear intricate, extremely stylized, detailed and doll house like. I have gotten used to the change but was quite an experience for the first few weeks after going gluten free. How peoples faces appeared to me also changed a whole lot after I went gluten free. I think my mind is processing a lot more information at once now than it was able to do before I stopped eating gluten.

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