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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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I was diagnosed with Celiac's the summer before I left for college. I have 4 other family members that have it so it wasn't something new to me. However, I went to college a long ways from home. I no longer had my support group or guidance for how to live like this. I wasn't scared at being a celiac but mere struggled with it since I was diagnosed. The majority of the time I feel like I have it under control. I cook at home, check EVERYTHING and have a great friend group now that loves to make sure I am okay. However, there's still many days I'm miserable having this disease. I am sick for a month now when I get even the slightest cross contamination. I am completely knocked off my feet and struggle to function. I have never called in sick and feel as though I am going to have to soon. My body wants to sleep all day long and everything hurts. I am single and I hate being asked out to eat. I have to explain how sensitive I am and make a big deal. I don't like doing this. I am slowly getting more and more comfortable with it. For those of you who are dating how do you deal with being an extreme celiaic? Also, how do you deal with not being able to live like your friends? I eat before I go out but it's still a mental struggle for me. Just looking for some advice as to how to mentally cope with this as a young single woman who is extremely independent. 

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Hi Alicia!  

While I am not single, I can empathize with you.  Food is such a huge part of our culture.  

Is your school near a celiac research center or celiac group?  This might give you some support.  I realize that most who attend celiac meetings are either old or have little kids, but since celiac disease runs in families, I bet there are students your age that you might be able to meet.  You might even meet a mom like me, who will keep you stocked in home baked gluten-free goodies (I actually do that for one of my daughter’s friends).  

What about campus clubs?  Like ones where you do not need to eat like pep band, hiking club, surfing, cycling, etc.  

I am sure others on the forum can give you some advice.  I congratulate you on avoiding gluten while on your own!  

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From the college standpoint you might look at Nordicware Microwave cookware or something similar, be sure to get the splatter cover for the grilling plate, and put down paper towels. I often take a set with me to cook on the go >.< Or bring a induction cook top and my own skillet. I do recall the days of being sick all the time, sleeping most the day, and pain, taking some excess B-vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D etc can help make you feel a bit more normal.

On the dating....I have not had a date in years but I keep looking. I have come to accept I can not be with anyone unless they also will embrace the Gluten Free Diet. The risk in my opinion is not worth it after having been in a shared house in the past. >.< I also have a few odd allergies so they would have to be Paleo.
I have set up a profile on a dating app, and stated I am a celiac and that I am looking for someone else with a Gluten Free diet.

Friends, I invite them over and cook for them. I also do non food related meet ups and bring my own food, but some of my other issues make this a rarity.

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