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Our Daily Eats - gluten free granola - any problems?

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I love this granola as it tastes good and has so few ingredients!  They have several different kinds but this is the only one that is labeled gluten free.  Down below (taken from their web site) it says "certified gluten-free whole grain rolled oats."  The actual package I have does say gluten free on the packaging but in the list of ingredients it says "gluten-free rolled oats" - the word certified is missing.  And while it does says "gluten-free" on the packaging nowhere does it have the little picture to show there is no gluten and the word certified is nowhere at all on the packaging.

Has anyone had a problem with this product. I believe it's a local product sold only in upstate NY so I'm not sure if a lot of you have ever tried this.  I've been in misery this last 3 days and think this may be the culprit.  I've looked in my food journal and see that the last couple of times I at this I also had a problem. 


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I hope you feel better soon.  

Well in my personal opinion, General Mills has to recoup their investment in their mechanical sorter!  They are probably selling their “gluten free oats” to many little independent gluten-free suppliers.  

Consider calling the company and asking if their oats were grown in dedicated fields or were mechanically/optically sorted.  

Of course, you might be one of the few celiacs who react to oats no matter what.  

Learn what the Gluten Free Watchdog has to say about this.  She advocates hard for celiacs.  


Me?  I do not eat oats.  I do not feed oats to my gluten-eating kid unless they are organic.  New reports show issues with herbicides being applied to oats before harvest.  Worse yet, it affects toddlers!  


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I react to oats to lesser extent then wheat but it still causes me issues. I gave up even the purity protocol oats from gluten-free harvest.
I might suggest looking for a gluten free paleo granola that is grain free so you avoid chances of CC issues or oats. I can give you a few brands if you want. Hope you feel better.

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