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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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 I was diagnosed with celiac about 4 months ago is it normal to constantly have stomach issues like diarrhea, gas ,bloating  and stomach pain cramping severe sometimes I’m reading so many labels constantly wiping off my counter and washing my hands eating gluten-free things still having issues is this normal?  Thank you.

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Have you read the newbie 101 section?

There are many things you also have to do like not eating out, getting new colanders, cutting boards, condiment jars, replacing scratched pots, Tupperware, and new wooden spoons. Ones immune system will react to gluten in even trace amounts, some people are much more sensitive then others.
You should also give up all oats even gluten-free purity protocol ones as some celiacs react to them also. Dairy is a issue for many as the enzymes to break it down come from the villi which celiac  disease damages and destroys, so you get bloating, and D from dairy til you heal...for most some never are able to tolerate it again.

Many find that after a exposure they need to go to soft cooked easy to digest foods that are bland. Damaged intestines are prone to irritation from spices (think of them as carpet burned and rubbing pepper on it) and tough foods. Soups and stews cooked for a long time on til super tender are easier to digest or soft cooked egg dishes. Meats likewise should be stewed or crock pot cooked til very tender and easier to digest.

After a exposure antibodies in can keep attacking for over 6 weeks for most some people have issues over 6 months.

Other concerns, many people develop other issues with foods like dairy, soy, corn, oats, nightshades, carbs etc. To track these down a elimination diet be trialed in the future. You will see many of us have a list of food intolerance or sensitivities in our signatures. A simpler fix would be a Paleo AIP diet.

If you eating a bunch of Gluten Free Bread products, check the ingredients, if you see tons of starches these will cause gas and bloating as the bacteria in your guts will break them down that way. This can further increase chance of SIBO or Candida as the damaged intestines are prime real-estate for such and they feed on sugars and starches. A low carb diet with no grains, starches, sugars will greatly reduce gas/bloat.

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All great info Ennis have you. I developed 13 additional food intolerances after my gluten challenge. I blended a lot of my foods at first to make it easier on my digestive tract. I even had to limit gluten-free foods as my body liked food the simplier the better. My body didn't like a lot of additives or ingredients.  I tried to keep it under 5 ingredients or made homemade.

Welcome and you found a forum with knowledgeable supportive people like you on this new journey.

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