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Could Viruses be Causing IBS/IBD

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I have seen it before. Bacterial phages are present everywhere in the human body and they help protect the body from bacterial infection. 

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Gut health is turning out to be related to more and more medical issues as time goes on. It is a biome that is very complex, however, and we are not even sure at this point what constitutes a healthy balance of microbiota. We have been able to identify some things that apparently can upset that balance such as overuse of antibiotics and long term PPI use and we can sometimes sort of successfully treat (usually with antibiotics) conditions that are the result of microbiota imbalances, albeit this can create other imbalances. I think the lynch pin to all of this is getting a better understanding of what constitutes a healthy balance of microbiota in the gut. Until we have that piece in place we are taking shots in the dark and hoping to hit the target.

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Ch88 and Trents,

I had seen this research but not in this form...I hadn't had time to follow all the links.

They said it was related to the AHR receptor....following the link in the original article.


I saw this research (from the other side of the coin) from the  tyrptophan side....it regulates the kyrnuerine pathway.


"Binding of these tryptophan metabolites to the AHR receptor on the microglia blocked the production of inflammatory proteins and promoted the production of anti-inflammatory proteins, showing for the first time that dietary metabolite molecules produced by gut bacteria travel through the body and directly affect nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord."

and why tryptophan metabolism is often impaired in celiac's


this is consistent with recent research that ties tryptophan metabolism to the pathogenisis of IBS/IBD.

here is the link to the research on IBS/IBD entitled "Tryptophan: ‘essential’ for the pathogenesis of irritable bowel syndrome?"


the virus link is the flip side of the coin...confirming there is a link between macrophages/viruses and Irritable bowel syndrome etc.

the broken knyneurine pathway via a break in the link via tryptophan  has been linked to many disease states entitled "Kynurenine Pathway Metabolites in Humans Disease and Healthy States tryptophan"


this research is approx. 10 years old ...so will take a few more years before doctor's incorporate these latest findings into clinical practice.

I hope this is  helpful but it is not medical advise.


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