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Need suggestions for a safe moisturizer with SPF

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Any suggestions for a moisturizer with SPF that is safe to wear? Preferably something that is matte, as I don't like to be shiny.

(I have been using the Cerave AM Facial Moisurizing Lotion SPF 30, and it works ok, but I'd like to find something that is more matte. I know Cerave also sells an Ultra-Light Moisturizers Lotion SPF 30, but I'm not sure if its ingredients are gluten-free.)

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I used to use Cerave facial sunscreen, but I seem to recall that they changed formulations a year or so ago and added Vitamin E.  I did not call the manufacturer to determine the source.  I just found  a different brand.  I really resist change — it must be my age. 😆. Cerave moisturizing lotion is still gluten free, but Walmart has a generic version made in Canada and it is cheaper and works well.   I use Eucerin sunscreen now under my foundation (sparingly) and  Equate (Walmart) for my body as Consumer Reports gave it a good rating.  Cheap for the whole family to use.  We also use old-fashioned zinc oxide when surfing.  They make it in colors now.  Our water polo team uses those.   More zinc (like Banana Boat babies) for my face while cycling (less white) as it does not sting my eyes but it makes my face a bit white.  


Frankly, I am covering up more now that recent studies show that all those chemicals are being absorbed.  



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