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I am 55 years old and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease one week ago.  This past week has been a whirlwind of changes and a bit overwhelming as I have an adopted daughter who doesn't have gluten issues.  I am trying to find the correct household cleaners, hair care, make-up, and laundry.   I am totally overwhelmed.  On top of it all, I am a teacher and started back to work last week, so time constraints to research products is ridiculous!  To think I went to the doctor to find out why I can't lose weight and BOOM there the diagnosis hit me.  On a good note, I have lost 5 pound, not sure if it is the life change, or stress.  I could really use some ideas from people that have already been here and done this.  I don't have the time to reinvent the wheel, but would appreciate any and all advice.

Please and thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance.


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Hi Kerry6,

Welcome to the forum! :)

and to gluten-free eating! :)

The simplest/best way to start the gluten-free diet IMHO is to switch to a whole foods diet, drop all dairy and oats, and get rid of all processed foods/baked goods from your diet.  This leaves you with some simple foods like meats, nuts, veggies, eggs and fruit.  If you can stick with this diet for a few months you should start feeling better.  Then you can slowly add in one new food every couple of days and see how your body handles it.  It is a real good thing to eat a simple diet without much spice and not many ingredients to start.  Simple, stress free foods.  You can take foods like oranges and boiled eggs and nuts to work for snacks.  This may be a big adjustment for you or maybe not.  But a whole foods diet is a great way to begin eating gluten-free.

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I agree, non-processed foods are best in the beginning when you are learning to read labels.   I think you will heal faster too (less accidental gluten exposures).   If you must consume  processed foods, stick with those marked gluten-free.  It will just simplify your life for the next few months.  Do NOT eat out until you feel better and can afford to take risks.  

Just worry about the food and lipstick (Gabriel or Red Apple are certified gluten-free).  Anything that you can ingest but even lipstick is gluten-free per the Gluten Free Watchdog because no one actually eats a few lipsticks a year which must be s9me makeup Internet myth.    Me?  Sometimes piece of mind is priceless.  I buy gluten-free lipstick.  Keep your hands out of your mouth if using lotion.  Do not worry about shampoo (do not swallow it) makeup, household cleaners, etc.  Keep your hands out of your mouth!  

Focus on food safety.  There are tons of resources within the forum about how to set up your kitchen.  You might considering making your daughter go gluten free while at home.  My kid is gluten free at home.  When she returns from school or the outside world, she washes her hands (as we should all do to prevent the spread of germs).  She gets her gluten fix at school and let’s face it — I rule.  It is my house.  My health is more important.  Not to mention that my hubby was gluten-free 12 years before my diagnosis.  It was easier just to make the house gluten free.  Two against one.  Besides, hubby and I need to let our guard down.  Our home is our sanctuary.  You will figure out what works for your family.  

Welcome to the forum!  

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