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Hi all.

I've been tested for Celiac disease and nothing came up so I assumed I had Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivy. I know gluten is a trigger because every time I eat it I get the classic Celiac symtoms like fructose and fat malabsotion as well as the usual digestive discomfort and even autoimmune type symptoms like joint aches and psoriasis that lasts for days.

Here's the confusing part: Many other non gluten foods seem to trigger the same intestinal symptoms as the gluten does. All grains (including white rice), gluten free oats, all dairy (inc butter) as well as white potatoes and eggs.

I also have a host of allergy type reactions to other foods that I have devoped in the last few years.

Has anyone had or heard of similar issues?

My current 'safe' diet is basically limited to beef, sweet potato, some fruit/greens, everyday for a year.

The diet is a blessing, but I fear I may be locked to it until I can figure out what is going on.

Any insight appreciated. Thanks.


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Wow!  Just those few thing to eat?  You have been gluten free for a year and no improvement?  

Were you given the full celiac blood panel?  Did you know that some celiacs are seronegative, yet they can have intestinal damage?   Have you had a Gastroenterologist consult to discuss celiac disease or other illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease? 

Celiac disease and additional food intolerances are commonly linked, but I am sure food intolerances are probably commonly linked in many other illnesses too.  I hope you find answers soon.  I wish you well.  

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