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Where should I get tested for celiac disease?

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Can you tell me where I can find a reasonable place to get test for celiac disease? I am on a fixed income and I don’t have very much money to do the testing.   I have tested positive for gluten sensitivity. So now I want to have celiac testing done. Also is it true that if a person has celiac disease that they can get cancer more easily then someone who does not have celiac disease? Can you please email me back with the answers?   Thank you

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Your regular primary care doctor can order the celiac blood tests. That's where you start.

Who & where were you tested for gluten sensitivity? Because there is no test for that. Whoever told you they tested you for gluten sensitivity was not being truthful to you & whatever money you paid them was a waste. 

A person with celiac disease who is not following a gluten free diet has an increased risk of cancer but you needn't worry if you have celiac & are eating gluten free. 

This is the only way we can respond to you. We don't have your email address. This is an open forum & your email is not displayed which is for your own protection. 

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In case you have no medical insurance, you can try to find a walk-in lab if it is allowed in your state.  But...your PCP (GP, Internist) can usually order the screening tests for celiac disease.  


Whatever you do, do NOT order the gene test in my opinion.  It does not help diagnose celiac disease, just to exclude it.  That is because about 35% of the population has the genes.  That is a lot of people!  Only a few actually have celiac disease.  

IMPORTANT!  Did you already go gluten free?  Because ALL celiac disease testing requires you to be on a gluten diet.  For all the blood tests, that is around 8 to 12 weeks!  

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