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What Are Your Favorite Things From "whole Foods" ?

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From there gluten-free Bakehouse line I really like their Carrot Cake, which I add Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting to. The Banana Bread is really good. The had a chocolate raspberry loaf which seems to be discontinued at the moment but that was awesome. I haven't tried to many of the other Bakehouse products but with the exception of the praire bread I have enjoyed them all.

Other products that they have that I like: Tinkyada pasta is a must, and definately pick up some of the baking mixes. Of the ones I've tried my favorites are the gluten-free Pantry Flour Mix, gluten-free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix and Pamelas Chocolate Cake Mix.

I haven't seen the Ener-G sesame pretzels at my Whole Foods as some others have said but I've gotten them elsewhere and those are one of my favorite snacks.

The Amy's meals are also great (make sure to get the gluten-free ones).


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Some of the things I buy regularly (these are all gluten/casein free):

Tinkyada pastas

Pacific Hazelnut milk

Nut butters: they have a variety of different types of nut butters like hazelnut butter, cashew butter, etc.--some are pricey but I need to rotate my stuff, so it's worth it for me)

Tropical Source candy bars

Bumble Bars

Bora Bora Bars

Lara Bars

Lundenburg(sp??) Rice Chips (Pico de Gallo is my favorite followed closely by Sea Salt...BBQ is also good)

LifeStream Buckwheat Wildberry waffles

Think Organic chocolate/coconut bars

Rigoni di Asiago Cranberry Fruit Spread

Imagine creamy organic potato leek soup

Thai Kitchen rice noodle soup bowls (read labels on these, I found a couple that weren't suitable but I can't remember if it's because they had casein or gluten)

Health Balance margerine

365 brand tuna

I also love their frozen fish packets

I buy some alternative meats there like buffalo, ostrich etc.

I love their frozen fruit and vegetables as well--frozen cherries, yum!

I've also seen rice tortillas...I didn't buy my package from them but it's the same brand and when you're craving something like that they're pretty good

I also buy a variety of cooking oils and sprays so I can rotate those as well

Erewhon Corn Flakes

New Morning Cocoa Krispie Rice Cereal

Millet Puffs (cereal) (kind of bland, but good with agave nectar)

Agave Nectar and/or honey

Cream of Buckwheat hot cereal

Before I found out I was casein intolerant:

Gluten free bakehouse peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, corn bread, brownies, apple and cherry pies.

They have a great selection of yogurts

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Also Rachel - Whole Foods says there are a lot of things they can't get to the west coast before they spoil.I went to a Whole Foods gluten-free seminar last fall and the manager of the bake house in NC was there speaking. it was interesing to find out how Whole Foods came of offer their own line of gluten-free items. Their head baker got Celiac and over a two year period he came up with some basic recipes for gluten-free baked goods. They went from baking one day a week (cleaning lines before and after gluten-free run) to moving into their own gluten-free bakery down the road. If you work there, you can't bring gluten into the place for your own lunch. Now that's what I call dedication!

Dx'd with anemia - March 2005

Positive blood tests - Sept. 2005

Positive biopsy - Jan. 2006

Gluten free since 1-23-06

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The Whole Foods here in Vegas keeps the gluten-free Bakehouse stuff and the Kinnikinnick stuff in the freezer (down from the frozen veggies and Alexia French Fries -- yum yum)

I also like

Amy's gluten-free Frozen Mac N Cheese

Amy's gluten-free Frozen Rice Lasagna

Whole Foods Jalapeno Burgers

Annies Salad Dressing (I like the Tuscan Italian and the BAsil/Garlic)

Thai Kitchen Ramen gluten-free Soup Bowls (Garlic or Mushroom)

Barbara's Gluten Free Cheese Curls (like Cheetos)

Shelton's Chicken Tortilla Soup

Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Flour

Pamela's Cookies

Cascadian Farms Tater Tots

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Does anyone eat Whole Food's "prepared foods"? I didn't see it mentioned. We have a huge selection of prepared foods at my store (Plantation, Florida) but I'm not sure if they are safe.

Kathy C.

Ft.Lauderdale, Fl.

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its been said already, but i second the bakehouse blueberry muffins. it has that granulated sugar on top. its sooo good! Also, i really like the enjoy life brown rice bread. Yes, the pieces are small but since the bread is a little heavier - it still feels like you've got a lot. i have two pieces for breakfast every morning.

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