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Chick fil a...need advice

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I was trying to see if anyone else has reactions to Chick fil a.  I am severely allergic to wheat and gluten.  I was told they are safe but have had issues each time.  I get the chicken club with Colby jack and gluten free bun and fries.  I even asked them to change gloves.  Is it the cheese? Bacon? Or do I just gave a lax group at this location and getting cross contamination?  I don’t have allot of options...please advise what has not bothered you at these locations.  Thank you

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

It always varies from location to location, the staff training, and manager. Try a different location next time and see.
Is your reaction gluten/wheat like standard each time? Or something different? It could be a intolerance to something or a food sensitivity.
It could be they have a CCed Fryer...some kids that work those places will fry anything they want in the store fryer without thought.
Try elimination, getting it bun-less, with grilled chicken, cheese and bacon, no fries next time, Or just try the fries only, etc. This way your do not end up with a list of what made me sick from them.

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My option would be to pack a gluten-free lunch, but that is just me.  I do not gamble and avoid taking risks.  Keeps me healthy.  

Have any other celiac rated this particular restaurant on “Find Me gluten Free”?  


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