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One week Gluten free and not feeling great

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Hi Everyone, 

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last Wednesday and immediately started my gluten-free diet. I’ve been feeling pretty uncomfortable in my own body for the last year with aches and pains ranging from my sides to my abdomen and dealing with lots and lots of belching bloating and gas. 

After discovering I had Celiac I was almost relieved to find an end to my pain and discomfort — gluten-free diet. However, I am less than a week in (I know it’s not much time) but my aches and stomach pains have become odder, now I get sharp pain on the sides of my stomach that last about one second and happen about twice a day. Yesterday I was really bloated again and the belching hasn’t seemed to have lessened too much. 


Is it too soon for me to expect my symptoms to get better? Are these all normal symptoms for people with celiac disease? Does it get worse before it gets better? I don’t personally know anyone with celiac so this group is really all I’ve got. Please help. 


Also, I’ve become a little nervous about having Crohn’s disease. I have been googling my symptoms and it also come up on the search engine. I really hope I’m just getting anxiety and not right about it. I just want to feel normal again in my own body... these issues started after I gave birth to my first 2.5 years ago. I am 27. 


Thank you! 

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It took time for you to attack your small intestine and it will take time to heal.  The gluten-free diet has a steep learning curve so expect a few setbacks.  Although the gut can heal within weeks, the reality is that it takes months to even a year.  I would not worry about Crohn’s.  Just focus on healing fro celiac disease.  

Research is your best defense,  Read through the forum to get valuable tips or ask questions.  

The one thing you will develop is patience.  😊

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Read the Newbie 101 thread to help you get started. Bunch of things you need to do to be sure your food and prep area is safe.

Best suggestion to jump in is to stop eating out, and cook all your food from scratch, avoid processed foods, and gluten free treats if you can (breads cookies etc) til you get this under control.

I have Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac (Male 29 here)...I had to adopt a paleo diet that was low carb/keto. Not for everyone but with my most recent flare I found I could get rid of the gas/bloat by going carnivore keto so there was no carbs to break down into gas. I think the bloggers like Ketologist and ketogenicgirl have some info on this. But I found I had to avoid all spices and use herbs to season everything. Been living on eggs, tuna, chicken, turkey bacon/sausage, pot roast meat, pan grilled meats, salmon, and fish for 3 weeks now. Although I still use avocado oil mayo or a bit of other condiments from Primal Kitchen in moderation most everything else is just meat. Oh and I am supplementing my normal stuff with C and K added in. -_- These carnivore people say to eat liver and organ meats to get them but I have not gotten a taste for those lol.

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Yes, it is normal to have symptoms continue or even worsen some after going gluten-free.  That change is reflective of the healing process in the gut.  When your intestinal villi are flattened out, there isn't a lot of space for a healthy intestinal flora to habitate.  But as the gut starts to heal and the inflammation goes down, the villi will start to regrow.  That new surface area makes a lot more space for bacteria to colonize.  Bacteria can be very helpful but they can also cause symptoms.  Did you know your stool is 50% bacteria by weight?  It may help to avoid dairy and sugar and carbs during the first 6 months.

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