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Cat's Claw may help speed up intestinal healing

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I have tried lots of supplements to deal with the pain, bloating, and inflammation in my stomach. This was when I thought I had IBS. Now that I am gluten-free, my gut feels much better, but I am 60, with many years of gluten consumptuion, and have always been a 'slow healer'. I just started using Cat's Claw. Its available in many forms. Just a week in, and the abdominal distension is much less, stomach feels more comfortable. Didn't feel this good the other times I went gluten-free, which is one reason I gave up on it thinking it wasn't working. Give it a shot! 

Here is a good link:                                                                                                                                                              https://www.indigo-herbs.co.uk/natural-health-guide/benefits/cats-claw?fbclid=IwAR18SRYdVHv3dDH6PQrS9O-LlPEQ5iZ2zSdNf0KxesEEC8EMq5AADT4mXMU

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