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Frustrated on the beach

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Hello all I'm ranting here 🙄

Gluten Sensitivity is becoming worse as I age.  My initial diagnosis was borderline GS in 2014. At the time the food industry was totally unaware of gluten-free labeling or even cared. Now food chairs are labeling gluten-free but not all are actually gluten-free. I try to shop the gluten-free Logo but food items are very limited. I'm unable to tolerate gluten-free breads and Glutino Products. I'm frustrated and menu planning is a challenge. The cauliflower pizza crust can be problematic. Almond products are starting to bother my as well. Unless I eat a totally clean diet plain food Meat veggies and fruit very little dairy nuts are not an option. I just don't know were to turn.

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Maybe you should listen to your body.  It seems to like meat, veggies, fruit and a little dairy.   Boring?  Maybe.  But feeling good trumps feeling bad on a traditional American diet.  

My diet is about as restrictive as yours.  But I can tell you that I am feeling really good.  No gluten exposures for almost two years.  My other autoimmune disorders are in remission. I am riding the crest of the wave and loving it.  

Hang in there!  Enjoy the beach.  I am riding my bike there tomorrow.  🚴‍♀️

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I am going through a bad bought myself and my stomach is only putting up with fish, lean soft cooked meats, eggs, turkey, and I am fine with nut milks or nut butters but not my normal nut based baked goods. >.< I also can not stomach veggies or spices right now.

Find what you body wants and eat that for now, just try to balance the nutrients if you or find a safe multivitamin.

I am having to make liver jerky for my vitamins and drink broths made by boiling veggies since I can not handle them right now.

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