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After 12 months, son still has high numbers

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Reaching out for advice...

My son was diagnosed last year with celiac and the blood work numbers were over 50.  After a year of carefully keeping him on a strict gluten free diet, he had blood work performed with the same high numbers.  The specialist said that he must have been cross-contaminated.  My wife and I are at a loss after being very careful and strict about his diet.

We've been reading articles that he needs to have his own cookware, utensils, self-cleaning oven, etc suggesting that all of these items are where the cross-contamination is occurring.  The only place we can think of is at the restaurants, but we are still beside ourselves that the numbers are still so extremely high.

Has anyone had this occur?  Any insight, do we invest in new items to ensure no cross-contamination, are we going overboard or not enough?  Appreciate the input.

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have you read the newbie 101 thread in the coping section of this forum?  lots of good info there.  yes, you probably need to have new or separate cookware for him.  there is an app called 'find me gluten free' for restaurants that have real celiac reviews to help make educated choices for him.  frankly, some restaurants are unable or unwilling to keep food 'celiac safe' - so he needs to have 'back-up food' like a sandwich or snacks for times when he is at places that he can't eat safely.  annnnnd - can he possibly be cheating on the diet?  you would think he wouldn't because it will make him sick, but the grandson has a celiac friend who "eats a donut to see how long it takes him to get sick" (TEENAGERS !!!!  should just be called 'idiots' especially boys lolz)  being a mom of 4, I know as soon as my kids got out of my sight, they were doing all the things I told them not to do ha ha ha ha now they have their own kids - joke's on them :D 

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