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gluten-free "diet' Supersentives

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I wanted to see if there are other super sensitives like me who get tired of hearing and get upset with people saying " I am on a Gluten free diet" so I ask them by diet you mean "lifestyle" then I get answers like, no I can switch when I want to cheat, or it just feels healthier.  I get so mad, people like Jeniffer Lopez who touts on her show eating gluten free cookies, which can have oats which if you are a super sensitive celiac like me are killer ingredients for us.  I don't think they realize, diet is far from what gluten-free food is it is in fact it is higher in calories than just regular food, and that if we have too many"episodes" or "cheat" then small bowel will eventually shut down, you can't have it transplanted, removed, etc what happens is you die.  

Cases in point a lot of UK males still insist on drinking beer with celiac and a lot of them die because it's not macho to not drink beer.  With these new fads such as gluten sensitivity (not celiac diagnosed) the ingredients in a lot of,these newer products have a lot of hidden gluten ingredients, and now I'm having to recheck all my labels again.  

A lot of my tried and true products have changed some of their ingredients, admittedly the main grains are not in them ex pet I am totally sensitive to gluten-free Oats, even grass fed foods, which are open range grass eating animals in fields with wheat all around them that get contaminated.  I cannot be in a room or kitchen where flour is being used because it's so fine it gets into the air and up your nostrils, or you breath it in and I have an upset stomach not a full blown celiac episode, but enough to where it actually effects my stomach.  I even use gluten-free toothpaste etc.  


Justin Bieber in this article he has not,been diagnosed with celiac so he can switch fromGF to natural foods any time he wants, and because of the manufacture turners see $$$$$ signs producing foods, etc that are not suitable for celiacs and this is so unfair.  

Anyway having put up with this since 1988 I have learned the hard way and I can't eat out or go to dinner etc. it's too dangerous for me, even though people tell me we didn't use any gluten-free products but then others put their serving utensils in the non gluten-free food and put them in the gluten-free food which is a contaminate, so it's been a miserable long hard 32+ years but it's not all been bad.  My advice cook your own food with fresh ingredients check ALL labeling  make sure you know your gluten-free no no's and ingredients that even though they don't say no gluten have hidden ingredients within ingredients.  Also, something to remember is that if you travel internationally, there are a lot of breakfast cereals that have malt in them and I learned that the hard way, so please be sure again and check your labels no matter what country you are in.

As I pointed out I am a diagnosed super sensitive celiac, other celiacs maybe able,to tolerate some of the ingredients I have mentioned above but still be careful, and thank you for reading this.


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