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There was a post by Runner in 2008 about stomach sloshing. His doctor thought it was related to celiac. Is this a symptom? If I am thirsty and drink a lot, my stomach stays bloated a sloshy for a couple of hours. Also, a big but not overly big meal fills me up and puts me on the couch. 

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Um could it be something to do with gastroparaisis? I sometimes get issues with my stomach not dumping food to my intestines for what ever reason...it has some food triggers and sometimes I can use a supplement to force it or trick it to dump IE Vitamin D drops, Hot beverages, Magnesium, Betaine HCL or Enzymes...and seems higher fiber/greasy meals and anything cold will make it much worse.

PS everyone is different and you could also just have a slow intestinal transit time so eating less often and giving your stomach time to digest before drinking or eating more might help.

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