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good morning I am a 22 year old man I had been diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago and I have not been contaminated with gluten for a long time, but almost 1 month ago I have been making pasty poop bone a non-watery diarrhea, but I had been taking probiotics for almost 2 weeks and better but it happened again, is it normal in celiac that it is not contaminated with gluten to have such defecation? And if it isn't, I could do it to solve it. My doctor said it was a virus but nothing has not served me his pills, 1 month ago I had a similar crisis but with strong colic and farts with the smell of rotten eggs, now I am only making pasty stools but without such a bad smell. please help

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Something you’re ingesting is obviously irritating your GI system. Think back to what you were ingesting at the time your digestion was normal. Eliminate whatever you’ve added since then. Gluten isn’t the only offender when we have GI problems, especially if our digestive system isn’t healed. You did not mention if you are consuming dairy. If so, I would avoid that for now. 

Probiotics are not for everyone, and not every form of probiotics are tolerated by everyone.  I revert back to bone broth and collagen protein smoothies with coconut oil when my system is awry. After a few weeks you should feel an improvement. Super green powder is a good form of vitamins, cleansing and probiotics - I mix mine with tomato juice. Kombucha is another form of natural probiotics. Both the super greens and kombucha can be added later and in small quantities as tolerated. This is a very natural way of healing yourself and may take some time. The bone broth is key, however. In my experience, pharmaceuticals cause more issues than they resolve, and proper nutrition heals. 

Always consult your physician so they are aware of your health concerns and can intercede as needed. Good luck!

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