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family members tested for celiac ?

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I was wondering how many of your family members got tested for celiac ? and how many ended up with positive or negative results ?

how many tested for HLA DQ genes from those family members ?

so far my aunt and my mother have celiac.

their brother my uncle was tested and is negative, myself tested negative and my father as well negative.

The rest are in denial and do not want to be tested as they are not willing to go gluten-free.

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Just four of my family members have been tested.  All negative.  Except two of them (and the most suspect), were given only the TTG test and not the entire panel.  I test positive to only the DGP IgA (many repeated tests).  I pushed hard for the entire panel for my kid because of the way I tested.  My niece’s mother also pushed hard for the complete panel too.  Celiac disease at the time for my niece was firmly ruled out (endoscopy too).  What they did find was Crohn’s.  My niece is doing well and at least she knows what she is dealing with and can take appropriate action.  She also knows that she could still develop celiac disease at any time.  I am pretty sure she had the genetic testing as well.  

The rest of my family is in denial.  Now the odds are even greater.  Mayo Clinic released a new study and found that first-degree relatives have a 44% chance of developing celiac disease instead of the 1 in 10.  

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