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Bystolic gluten info from Allergan manufacturer

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Just wanted to offer up this info I got directly from Allergan, the manufacturer of Bystolic beta blocker. I had no luck when I searched for info except a vague “may contain wheat” on gluten free drugs.com. Allergan looked into the two inactive starch ingredients (pregelatinized starch and polysorbate 80). The first was confirmed from corn. The second was from cereal grains and potentially wheat but said any gluten is destroyed in the manufacturing process. But they also gave the usual disclaimer that due to cross contamination possibilities during shipping, packaging, pharmacy handling etc. that they cannot guarantee gluten free. But it’s as close an answer as we can get with drugs! Until we finally have some laws in place! I also used my Nima, although they also cannot guarantee results for drug testing since they did not design it for this. But regardless, Nima came back negative for gluten. Hope that helps anyone out there looking for info on this particular drug!

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