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How Many Family Members With Celiac?

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Me and my sister have it. My parents both tested negative. I was kinda surprised since they both have GI "issues", but I don't know exactly what tests they were given (I think their GP is a quack), and given their age (71), I really doubt they would change their diet now anyhow.


Dx celiac disease Aug 25/05, ate KFC that night and gluten-free ever since

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me and my sister are DX. Dad has lots of health issues - especially GI - and we're almost there for persuading him to be tested (amazing isn't it how so many of our relatives don't want to be tested?). I'm seeing the peadiatrician with DS on Friday with a view to him being tested. We also suspect my grandmother (dad's mum) may have had it as she had GI symptoms, arthritis and earlier in life had pernicious anaemia. My brother's baby is lactose intolerant and will be tested when he's old enough for it to show.

Susie from Coventry, UK

IBS & GERD 2000

Screened for coeliac disease as sister has it - negative blood test

Nov 2005 positive blood tests

January 2006 dx by biopsy

gluten-free and dairy lite since then

I am also neutropenic, anaemic and have hypothyroidism

Feb 08: free protein S deficiency; candida overgrowth; adrenal exhaustion

'My grace is enough; it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.' 2 Corinthians 12

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