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Cyclic Geographic Tongue

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New here! 
It’s been 16 months of severe geographic tongue. 
Birth control sets off the tongue and then it takes forever for it to go away. 
I finally got diagnosed with celiac. Was convinced that wasn’t my issue bc I don’t have any digestive issues. 
The main reason I ignored the celiac theory for so long was bc every time I’d go ‘gluten free’ my tongue seemed to get worse. 
Finally a food intolerance test came back with a severe reaction to corn and amaranth... you mean the ingredients in everything that’s gluten free!!!! ?

So I cut out corn and cut out gluten free packaged foods. I’ll admit I felt much better, but my tongue persists. It’s driving me crazy. 

my big question to all the fellow geo tongue peeps on here... how long were you strictly gluten free before it went away?! 

In between bouts of geo tongue I’ve had... 

infertility, miscarriage, lots of ivf, two babies born early and tiny thanks to preeclampsia. But they turned out freaking adorable ? despite the bumpy road to get here. 

Hit me with the truth!!! Would love to hear that my tongue will be back to normal by 2021 if I continue this diet! 


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