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We've Been Invited For Supper!?!

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Guest Viola

I've been to three weddings. All were buffet and they let my daughter and I go up first so there would be no issue with spoons going from one dish to another. There were plenty of things that were naturally gluten free (the chefs assured us that only fresh ground pepper was used in the meat etc.) We had the beef, roast potatoes, one veggie that was done without sauce and the salads. Tam and I brought our own dressing in a little bottle that fits in our purse.

One wedding rehersal dinner was held at a restaurant and I emailed my sister my card so that she could take it in and order a meal for me ahead of time.

I thankfully had no problems with any of them, and we all had a wonderful time.

So ... I suggest you email your card to someone you are comfortable with and have them talk to the chef or caterer.

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I would definitely try to call ahead and let them know. Most places that have chefs will not be surprised and will try to accomodate you. My cousin, who also has Celiac's, did that at my wedding (before I knew I had Celiac's!) and they were great. No one wants someone to get sick at a wedding (I would hope!). Best, B

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