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Could I Be Anymore Pathetic

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Yes....you could be more pathetic....you could be me!!!!

I am not past the crying over food yet. If I cry it is actually a good thing because I have actually been more "violent" than emotional. My husband has had to duck flying spatulas and bags of cheese! So I would say to you....it is very normal. My husband will be eating a bread roll and I will just start crying. I try to think further ahead by telling myself how much it would hurt my tummy! That usually works-at least for me.

I hope that both of us will get past this point sometime soon!! Good luck on your end!


Celiac Disease since August '05

Baby Samantha - born on October 27, 2006. She is healthy, smart, and beautiful.

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I found that one of the most profound gluten symptoms I had was uncontrollable rage for no reason, and that once the gluten free diet kicked in after a couple months, I don't have that anymore.

It was the wierdest thing. I would get spitting mad at the stupidest little thing, to the point of kicking the wall or whatever, and I would also be soo irritable, to the point that my boyfriend was constantly ducking ( I wasn't violent, but he never knew how I would react verbally).

Now I only get that occasionally, when theres been an accedental gluten exposure.

The personality changing aspect is scary.


Positive Bloodwork 7/8/05

Inconclusive Biopsy 7/20/05

gluten-free since 7/23/05

Never felt better.

"So here's us, on the raggedy edge, come a day when there won't be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. - Malcolm Reynolds"

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if you have a trader joe's near you - they have the enjoy life brown rice bread in their regular bread aisle. it sells for $3.50. the same enjoy life bread sells at whole foods in their freezer section for $4.99. I personally like this bread. it took a couple of days to get used to. but i have two slices toasted with butter everyday for breakfast. i was diagnosed in October as well and have had all the same feelings and emotions as you describe. It does get better. I am not going to tell you that it is easy - because i still do not think it is easy - but it does get better.

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Trader Joe's saved my life! There are so many things to eat there, many things I was already eating. I got the bread....yes, it will take some getting used to. The Prairie Bread at Whole Foods is ridiculously expensive at $8.29 a loaf, but I do like it better (toasted with butter and jam!) so will splurge occasionally.

This site has helped me so much in just four days. I cried for two and a half days, then decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and then headed to Trader Joe's where life seemed possible again.....have gained so much information already and learning more all the time. The support here is wonderful. Thanks guys....



Diagnosed January 2006

"I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells." ~Dr. Seuss

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I'm from the South and would sometimes give my right arm for a gravy and biscuit......

But I wanted to let you know that my mom recently ate at Olive Garden in Birmingham, AL and they had a gluten-free menu!!!!!! Maybe this will help those food woes!

Now, if anyone has found a good recipe for biscuits PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! My son has been gluten-free for 4 weeks and has asked every morning for a butter and Jelly biscuit. My pittiful fill-ins are not a hit. Help!

If you're looking for info on how to get started on the gluten-free diet, check out this List for Newly Diagnosed.

Self - Pain free since going gluten-free 9/05 (suffered from unexplained joint pain entire life), asthma improving, allergies improving, mysterious rash disappeared (probably DH)

Husband - Type 1 diabetic, Negative bloodwork

Son - Elevated IgA, Very high IgG, 2 negative biopsies - HLA DQ2 and DQ8 positive, Amazing dietary response since 1/06

Daughter - Congenital Heart Defect (2 surgeries), Reflux, choking issues, eczema, egg allergy - HLA DQ2 positive, Good dietary response (via me because of nursing) since 9/05

"All things happen for good for those who love God..." Romans 8:28

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