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Guest Zmom

Cat Food...cause Of My Itching?-

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I used to feed my cats Iams indoor but then I saw it contained brewer's yeast. Isn't brewer's yeast a source of gluten?

My post above was made almost five years ago. At that time, the products listed were gluten-free.

I no longer carry Iams cat food in my store, so I am not up to date on the current ingredients. If there is brewer's yeast, then that is a possible source of gluten.

The rules for labeling animal feed (which is what cat food is in regulatory terms) are different than those for human food. Brewer's yeast in feed is not necessarily a source of barley, but I would not take the chance.

Some additional gluten-free cat foods to consider that were not on my original list include:

Merrick Before Grain


Taste of the Wild

Wellness Core

Wholesome Blend Grain Free


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I personally have TWO cats (my family owns 6 all together) and both of my cats have a SEVERE flea allergy. One of them is BEYOND picky due to a seizure she had when she was a kitten. Things have to be JUST so....And she likes to lick and suck the fur on her stomach living a large spot which I can only describe as bald. The vet swears it is a combo of the allergy, and her way of sucking her thumb.... I don't believe I agree anymore as now my OTHER cat has started to do the same thing!

I've often wondered if my Cats could be glutening me.... I had to stop touching their food or their treats...Thankfully they aren't dogs so they don't go licking me in the face after eating. *I <3 my cats*

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We transitioned both our kitties to Blue Buffalo's Blue Wilderness Grain Free Cat food. It was actually cheaper than the prescription food my one kitty was on for a sensitive stomach and her stomach is better on this than it was on the prescription! Both our kitties are more active, with shinier coats and we reduce our risk of cross contamination giving them this food. Barley grass is in the ingredients so there is still a mild risk that there may be some cross contamination, but not nearly the amount that there was in their previous foods.

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We use Merrick Before Grain.

No more itching and sneezing for me when I open cans and the bag of dry and the cat's coat, poop and whole attitude....just beautiful. :lol:

We read a bunch of info on no-grain cat food and the vet said it is much better for them...so, now, it is gluten free for us, and gluten-free for the cat.

it's a win-win :)

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