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Crackers And Acne

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Hi, I am keeping a journal of all that I eat. I know that some foods play a role in those horrible pus-filled pimples. Some small ones form. Sometimes a pimple will form with two yellow-head on the same pimple. I have known that crackers whether or not it's whole wheat or regular causes acne to appear the next morning. I am not sure if it's the wheat or some hidden glutten-term in the ingredients which I am going to look up from the list on this site. I'll post the ingredients also. I ate crackers with cream cheese yesterday as well as the day before that. On both mornings I woke up with about 5-6 new pus-filled zits. They vary in sizes. Sometimes they are big about a little less the size of a pencil eraser in diameter. They are so weird and gross. I, of course, drained them out with an extractor because they are so ugly, but I just can't understand the pus in them. I have red bumps. I am on a treatment that has glycolic acid that seems to be doing well because it doesn't irritate my skin or flakes like the Retin-A which I have tried for a long time and didn't get rid of my acne. Also, the glycolyc acid seems to be doing well, but I notice that if I do not eliminate what goes into my body, the skin is going to have a hard time adjusting and clearing up. Of course, with the treatmen it's supposed to purge out my skin, and I have been on it for about 3.5 weeks. My skin tone seems a lot better and my forehead and jawline bumps have been drying up nicely until I ate the crackers, and I know KNOW it is not from purging. I KNOW it's the crackers. Something's not right.

There's also a chocolate powder I used to drink with milk, and I always appeared with a horrible, horrible abnormal pimple on my cheek to which I don't get anymore ever since I stopped drinking that and using Olay Sunscreen lotion. I haven't gotten red bumps or horrible pimples since I stopped the Olay lotion. So, as you can see, there is something in them that had been causing them.

Is gluconate a type of glutten? That's one thing in the milk powder that I can think might be, but I will type the ingredients, so someone could help me.

I want to get a test, but would a glutten or wheat type specialist believe me because a lot of so-called studies claim that food causing acne is a myth, but I know that is not true for everyone! It makes me mad because I know something's not right, and I am sick of having those acnes at my age.

I am thinking that if I have some form of allergy, it might be a mild form because I don't get other types of symptoms except a bit of dry hair to which I can't go anywhere unless I style it.

I tried to look up books at my library but there's none, and I really want to read about it.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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I have been wheat free for over 10 years (I am 46) ...my acne cleared up right away once I started this diet...stick with it...it gets MUCH easier the longer you are on it...i NEVER eat bread, crackers ,cookies and to have clear skin as a result is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! I wish i knew about this disease 30 years ago!!

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