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Gluten free emergency long life food

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On 3/8/2020 at 9:02 PM, AuntieE said:

Thank you so much!!!

I see the bumble tuna has veg broth. That's not going to work. I'll try canned fruit. 

I'm having similar trouble with weight loss. Apples, wholesome brand raw sugar, stewed, help keep it stable. Ghee. I'm trying to build up olive oil tolerance. 

I honestly have accepted life as it is, but if I can't get out to get supplies, I'm going to be in huge trouble. I don't care to add things anymore. 

Avocado and banana are out. I react badly. 

I'm going to buy a dehydrator and make jerky I think. 






Can you please post brands of canned food u can tolerate?


Has the augustson farms led to any reaction?

Fish (iodine) and chicken (no idea why) both cause me to react.

Sweet potato. Apples. Cauliflower. 

I'm highly allergic to nuts. Rash, swelling, etc. 

I've no freezer, just a cooler.

I'm pretty scared. Thank you for replying. A limited diet is bad at the best of times.

My last teff and quinoa experiments ended in bad things.

I don't much care about my limited diet, I just don't want to starve if quarantined!









No freezer?  If you can not afford a freezer/refrigerator, you should consider contacting social services, a local celiac disease support group or your doctor.  Even if homeless, you should be able to get help, at least a place to store food safely.  

I hope you are able to get the help you need.  

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On ‎3‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 6:36 PM, AuntieE said:

I eat only soft boiled veg, goat milk in small amounts. I can't eat as much as a pot of yoghurt. No grains, not even rice. I can eat small amounts of grass fed beef. Egg. No legumes or lentils. Water. Plain republic of tea tea, and pascha chocolate but only the dark no nibs or vanilla. Ghee.

Well washed apples. Raw sugar. No honey. Allergic to tree nuts and peanuts.

The consequences of straying from this are dire, both dh and stomach and migraine. 

Is anyone similar and can recommend some canned or long life foods? I tried to reintroduce gluten-free bread,it was bad on my stomach and dh. 

I'm quite worried if I'm stuck inside due to the Corona virus I'll starve!

SO does NON grass fed beef have gluten in the beef? I just buy the organic grass fed beef at wal mart and sometimes I buy the square packages, (grass fed), but NOT organic. I never had a problem. But the yucky cheap beef I heard people have problems with the round -up. The meat is so disgusting at wal mart, Alids, Hyvees etc if it is NON organic. I don't touch the stuff. But I am gonna start buying my meat at Azure Standard (turkey), (chicken)  ,the beef I really want to find some good web site to buy that.   I eat gluten free bread but it is kinda gross!! Corona  virus is a hoax. Everything is. Except this celiac stuff.  lol  I eat Amy's meals and EVOL and that INDIA meals. If I don' t eat those, then it is one ingredient foods since I do NOT cook. I will eat like a burger patty, ounce of cheese,  a couple small potatoes with buttermilk ranch dressing, almonds,  Blueberries.  I do NOT buy anything edible at walmart except for now the organic burger. I eat a lot of eggs too. One woman back in 2012, said her stomach hurt sometimes after eating eggs. I am thinking :    "how can eggs hurt?".  Well then I find out EGGs are BIG  allergin. And it kinda has a MILK kind of protein in it that bothers ppl. Casien like stuff. WOW I believe her now.  

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On 3/8/2020 at 11:11 PM, BubbleGirl2 said:

So glad to be able to help!! I hear you on the bananas and avocado. Same. Walmart: Wild Planet albacore tuna just sea salt!! :D I will review your items again and see what else I can think of in the am. Can you eat things like dried fruit? Dates? There is a chocolate chip that I put in my recipe that has nothing but cocoa and sugar Enjoy Life chocolate baking chips. They are great in a pinch for calories. Also Walmart has them. Bye for now. 

I also give a nod to wild planet tuna. That is what I had to switch to.

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I haven't read all the replies yet, but I read enough to see that a lot of people aren't really understanding the extent of your restrictions. 

This isn't going to help with the short-term, but I would recommend you start socking away money when you can, and purchase a freeze dryer when you're able to do so. 

That way you can prepare the foods that work for you, and store them away for long-term emergency supplies. 

Everything you mentioned, from vegetables to goat's milk (except ghee), can be freeze dried and properly stored for years. 

The big down side is that freeze dryers are expensive. I got mine as a "scratch and dent" and still paid almost 2 grand for it. I rarely buy myself "luxury" items but really wanted this and saved up for quite a while to get it. Mostly, for me, it's a toy; but it also comes in really handy because I am free to do things like attend camp with my kids and easily bring and prepare my own food. And the food I've stashed away since I bought it last summer has been a great stress reliever now that we are trying to avoid going to the store. 

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I managed season sardines and dried apricots by mariani.

Looks like I was far from being overly worried, but it's easier to bully a sick older woman, who doesn't have much, I guess.

My living conditions are not anyone else's business. I cannot have a freezer. I just wanted to ask for brands other sensitive people manage to eat.




On 3/14/2020 at 12:59 PM, Ennis_TX said:

Same that and Thrive Markets are the only two I really never had issues with.


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Wholesome brand sugar.

Season sardines, and wild planet canned fish. Tuna, white anchovy and sardine in water.

Epic pork rinds salt flavor

Bragg's nutritional yeast. 

Epic buffalo tallow fat

Origin 846 olive oil.

I've managed to add these.

Gin gins candy was pretty horrific reaction. Tasted amazing though. Terra chips were also no go.

Del Monte green beans are on the try it menu today. My state is on lockdown. Good job I stocked up.




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