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DH caused by stress or other factors (beyond glutening)?

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Hi, I have dealt with DH for approximately a decade. For the past couple years I've had my celiac and DH under control, with only the ocassional flare-up. These happen very rarely because I am very strict about my diet (I prepare all the food I eat, I keep my food stored in my personal fridge, prepare it in my personal dishes etc.)

Two weeks ago I had a flare-up - a reddish/purple rash on my right temple. I don't see anything in my diet that might have caused this in the days leading up to the rash emerging. However, on the day that the rash emerged I moved to a new city, around 12 hours away from where I have lived. Could it be that the stress from my move (in the midst of this pandemic) and from starting a new job triggered my rash? It was a stressful period, to say the least.

DH is such a mystery, so I'm curious if this was enough to cause a rash.

(Two weeks later and it has mostly healed ... there is just a small bump, which is reddish in color.)

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I don't think so. Could you have come in contact with something during the move? Had they recently remodeled the place you moved into? Drywall mud has been a problem for me in the past as was wallpaper glue. Could a significant other not brushed their teeth throughly before a kiss? You mention having your own fridge and dishes which makes me think you might live or lived with gluten eaters could someone have 'messed up' and used something of yours? Any new personal care products? Hopefully other will be on soon with some other ideas. Glad to hear it healed quickly and hope it doesn't happen again.

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I really can't put my finger on it. Nobody went near my fridge or cooking materials - those are in my private room - and there were no renovations.

I did use a rental vehicle for the move. I know that the company was very careful about wiping down the interior due to covid19, so it is possible some of that somehow triggered my DH. That's possible, but I have no idea how that would have worked.

Does DH emerge more easily when the immune system is challenged? I left a household where my allergies were constantly triggered (small pet with hay...my poor allergies) and then I had a long stressful move.

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