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Permanent Heart Pounding

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Hi everyone,

I'm originally from the UK and currently living in Finland! - I've just found this forum today!

I suffer from a permanent heart pounding - strong enough that you can see my chest bump up and down, and the pulse in my neck is also strong enough to see visibly. It makes me feel dreadful for 99% of the time. I was wondering if anyone else has suffered from this symptom.

I haven't gone gluten free, despite having a private test done which showed intolerances to gluten, wheat, buckwheat, milk and eggs. I cut out milk and eggs with not much effect, and with all the doctors telling me I was just an anxious person, I kind of gave up hope of it being anything medical.

But I've been feeling increasingly worse over the last few months for no specific reason - I don't feel mentally worried about anything, just frustrated that I feel so dreadful.

I also have regular diarrhoea, heartbearn and indigestion and have disturbed/unrefreshing sleep. I often feel strange after eating, dry mouth/tongue, and tonight for example I had to rush to the loo minutes after drinking a cup-a-soup!

In my humble opinion all this could well point to my diet, so I think now I have to bite the bullet and go gluten-free.

Can anyone else relate to these symptoms?


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:o Hi there i really think you need to see a gastroiterologist ( dont think that is how you spell it but you know what i mean) tell him you symptoms and he will be able to help if you have a wheat problem then cut that out and see if it is just that but i really would get to your doctor as you need seeing let us know how you go

:rolleyes: jacque Australia

Hope you have a great day


my 15 year old and i are both celiacs

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Hi Mark,

I have the heart pounding that will last for days, but it doesn't stay all the time. I haven't really figured out exactly what causes it, but am sure it is food related. I'm working on the gluten free diet right now so I'm in the process. I've found I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine through all this. Good luck,


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If you've tested gluten intolerant, then I'd try the diet for a while. It's not really as hard as it sounds, after you get the hang of it. And it could make you feel a lot better!

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

G.F. - September 2003; C.F. - July 2004

Hiker, Yoga Teacher, Engineer, Painter, Be-er of Me

Bellevue, WA

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I get what feels like my heart misses a beat then it speeds up and sounds like it is pounding outside my chest. I am not sure if this is the same thing but my doctor said the number 1 contributing factor to it is caffeine. He told me to cut it down to see if it made a difference. It worked for me. I drink one soda a day now and water the rest. I was getting it once a day before and now it is once every 6 months or so.

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I don't have heart pounding, but I feel the pulse in my neck increase for no good reason that lasts a few minutes during this time I feel light headed and shaky! I don't wanna go to the doctor's for it, I'm only 22 and I feel like I'm falling apart!!



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