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Is This For Real

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found this link on amazon...do you think its a scam? has me wondering :blink:


I made the mistake of signing onto this sight when I was 1st researching celiac disease. It has no free info and only tries to get you to pay for a membership.

I say skip it.....the free boards like this one is all you need.

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found this link on amazon...do you think its a scam? has me wondering :blink:


Sounds like someone taking advantage of (and making money on)newbies. I've been around for awhile and this is a new one on me. It's one thing to have links for someone to click on of their own accord, but it's another if she's promoting a membership for info that she may have well gotten from this site or others like it! Stick with us, sweetie. We're free (but not easy :P )


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Quote from website:

I'll also send you information on even more gluten free secrets such as:

- Where to get gluten free bread that tastes like REAL BREAD.

- How to convert regular recipes into gluten free recipes.

- Restaurant tips while on a gluten free diet.

- Access to 360+ gluten free recipes, all organized in one place.

- How to save money on gluten free foods.

- And more...

Scam? Who knows? There are basically two possibilities:

1) There's the possibility that it is a scam: some person who wants you to sign up and will put you on some spam list or send you virus-containing e-mails with these so-called secrets.

2) There's the possibility that this person is being truthful in intention (her privacy and terms pages are gone now--broken link--so you can't really even get an idea). That said, there's no REAL BREAD that everyone else is clueless of. It could be Whole Foods, Kinnikinnick, or any number of possibilities. Besides, that's an opinion. So scratch that point--not that big a deal. Conversion of regular recipies--maybe she means flour exchanges, but those differ from recipe to recipe. My opinion: ask Mireille (lady on Delphi Forums who's a celiac and runs a restaurant in Canada--absolute genius with recipes and posts 10-20 on the recipe section EVERY DAY--maybe that explains, in part, her 30,000 posts on that forum). That also knocks off the next point about 360 recipes--Mireille has put thousands on the Delphi web site--also free. Save money on gluten-free foods--another bad point: could be the tax writeoff suggestion, could be buying in bulk, getting codes from some online support groups to save 10% off of orders from certain vendors, or the like--nothing you can't find out too easily.

I'm not signing up; I'd bet I already have better resources than that, and I know where to find better resources than anything she can have in her files. Plus, downloading files from a stranger is just plain dangerous. Ask me if you need help on any of these points and I can direct you to better internet resources :).

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yes, Mireille is a great lady..shes been very helpful :D

I seem to run across so many celiac disease sites that want money..today I wanted to get a monthly newsletter, but it was 40 dollars a year..now thats not a lot, but I'm on a tight budget with my hubby being disabled and the new diet is costing me a ton of money :( this newsletter looked to have great basic gluten-free recipes, but I won't pay out more money for them

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The layout of that website screams "NO" at me. It might be just that she's got no webmaster skills and little money, but it looks like a scam, it doesn't look real. Other than things like dining cards and thompson lists, this website has all I need, and for free.


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I signed up at the following site to receive free gluten free recipes.


As promised, every few days recipes are sent to me. Angie Halten, the lady who sends the recipes then created the "Gluten Free Club". I now get e-mails from her telling me how wonderful the club is, and that she created it to help other Celiacs. She does a lot of marketing of the site by sending e-mail offering discounts on joining the club, and encouraging people to join. I have not done so. I think she is spending a lot of time trying to recover the money she spent setting up the site. I spend hours every day on this site, and find all of the help and support that I need here for free. :) I wouldn't have the time to spend on that site too.

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I am so glad I researched this and it led me back here! LOL the place I find all my answers and it doesn't cost a thing.

She sent an email out offering all kinds of free stuff but the way it is worded is high pressure. It is very pushy but I thought I would post it here so everyone else can see for themselves. It feels like she (or whom ever this person is) is using us Celiacs to make her living. Go figure!


hh... Don't tell anyone.

But THIS IS IT! This is my

Easter gift to you...

I've decided to run a small

"invite only" Easter offer

for a small select number of

people to get their hands on

a Gluten Free Club Membership

with an insanely generous list

of bonuses!

If you're wondering if there

is a catch, yes, there is.





No joke.

Go here to see if your time

has run out (there's a nice

little timer on the page):


(don't wait!)


Please DO NOT share this link.

Unfortunately not everyone out

there will get access to this

special offer (3 books and 1 of

my most popular reports), and I

don't want to get hundreds of

emails from upset people who

weren't "picked".

So keep it to yourself, and


I will be watching closely,

and hold the right to take down

this promotion if too many

people buy.

So go here now, and claim your

4 special bonuses with your

gluten free club membership:




P.S. Yes...this big promo

will be over in 1 hour. AND


So go here now and claim your

e-books and special report:


P.P.S - If you miss out on this, I

am TRULY sorry.



This is a "once in a lifetime" event, so

go there now and claim your insanely

cheap gluten free club membership with

absolutely no string.s attached.

Right here:


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this is definately a scam looking to take advantage of newbies,

by the way im reffering to the first post in the topic

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The best kind of a new business to start is one that meets a need that is not already being met.

The problem with this web site is it seeks to meet a need that is already being met, right here, and for free. For that reason her business model is doomed to fail. That doesn't make it a scam, but it would not be a wise use of your (or my!) limited resources.

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