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Sons Test Results

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I just rcd my sons tests results.

The form says :

TITER tTG IgA result "27" Flag "H" Reference 0-19 units

GLAIDIN AB IgA results" 10" nothing listed under Flag reference 0-19 units

GLIADIN AB IgG results "32" Flag "H" reference 0-19 units

test performed at Quest Diagnostice in Cambridge MA

Can someone explain what all this means and are his numbers high or low. He was DX via his Pediatrician with this test in Dec. He is seeing a PED Gi tomorrow. He has no symptoms at all, I had him tested because my husb was DX in early Dec and his mother also has it.

His reg Ped did not know much about celiac disease so I am hoping I will feel better with the Ped GI.

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Guest nini

doesn't look like they did the Anti-Endomysial (EMA)IgA or the Total Serum IgA...

but with the ones they did do, he does have elevated levels which at the very least is indicitive of gluten intolerance, which is treated exactly the same as Celiac (gluten free diet) technically Celiac is defined by blunting of the villi... but if the antibodies are elevated as they are, he at least is gluten intolerant. With a family history it makes it more likely it's Celiac. Since they didn't do the EMA which is the most sensitive of the tests, you only have those to go on.

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