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Hoping someone can clarify something for me.

My son was tested last year for celiac disease-and I was told all was ok,(by the nurse on the phone)

Today at a follow up appt with paediatrician he went through the blood results with me.

My son's ttg was a 7(lab says 8 is positive)so was classed as borderline

However,I found out today that his EMA test was 'weak positive'(no numbers given)

Can you get a false positive with EMA?

The paed agreed to refer my son to a London hospital to see a paediatric gastro for biopsy.

He still has bowel symptoms,foul stools,terrible wind.

He also has Downs Syndrome(which I know is linked to celiac disease) and his Dad's a coeliac.

The doc I saw today thought that he has coeliac even though his height,weight and all other bloods were okay.

The doc I saw before obviously didn't even feel his 'weak positive' for the EMA was worth mentioning.

I'm confused!! :blink: Why the difference in opinion?

Can anyone offer advice?

Thanks :)

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