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Conflicting Results

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My celiac blood panel came back normal but my stool test said I have a problem with gluten and I tested positive for the Celiac gene (see stats in my signature).

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with RA, but then after a couple more blood tests the rheumatologist wasn't really sure if it is RA. Too early to tell she thought and at least I have some sort of auto-immune problem.

Anywho, I have experienced severe gas and bloating every day and my step-daughter and one other person truly believe I have a gluten problem.

I think I do too and I know the blood test is unreliable.

So, it is safe to assume that I am gluten intolerant with a susceptibilty of developing celiac disease if I don't follow a gluten-free diet, right?

I need a little more feedback because I want to use FSA (flex spend) for gluten-free food purchases. Is the stool test enough?

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