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New To Celiac - Amount Of Gluten For Accuracy?

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We're new to Celiac and my daughter is still in the midst of her testing. For as long as I can remember, she's had stomach aches. She had the lactose intolerance breath test and it was extremely abnormal. She's not able to tolerate any dairy at all - even if she takes a Lactaid pill. Even with cutting out all dairy, she still gets the stomach aches - though a bit less in severity. She's been tested for Celiagene and she's positive for HLA DQ8 but negative for DQ2. Her TTG was elevated (27.3) but she was negative for the endomysial antibody. Her biopsy did not show flattening but she did have very elevated levels of leukocytes. She, in her normal diet, does not eat a huge amount of gluten - she does not like crackers, bread, cereal, bagels, etc. So, I thought that maybe her endomysial antibody test might have been negative because she doesn't ingest enough gluten. So, now, the doctor said to give her more gluten (if she can tolerate it) and then redo the antibody tests. Problem is, for the past two days, when she eats bread, she gets sick (not sick enough to miss school but uncomfortable). Does that make sense to do? I thought that the doctor might diagnose her as having Celiac if she responded positively to a gluten free diet, but she (the doc) doesn't seem to want to do that. How long should she eat the gluten for and in what amounts? I check the FAQ on the site and it says to ingest gluten from two weeks to two months and isn't specific about the amounts. Does anyone have experience with this? What would be your thoughts? Thanks so much.

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