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Guest Robbin

Has Anyone's Insurance Covered Enterolab?

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Guest Robbin

I am going to order the tests from Enterolab and I was wondering if anyone has had reimbursement from their insurance co? I'd like to order for both sons, husband and myself but the cost out of pocket for us all will be high. What tests should I order to be more cost efficient yet get the definitive answers for my doubting kids? If it was just myself, I would forget it and avoid gluten forever since I am so much better without it, but my two sons are unwell and my husband has health problems that just might respond well-- but they are analytical-science types who love gluten! Plus, they all think I am just plain weird since I have been searching and trying so many things before to help them get healthy. My sons and I have just about every symptom of celiac there is and I have had these symptoms for most of my 45 years. I now have serious eye problems that drs. are baffled by and I think it is from vitamin deficiency from so much dia. Any help on this is appreciated so much. My dr. did ONE blood test, it was negative and he said that the test was highly accurate and he's looking for some other reason for the bowel problems, even thoogh I've told him the positive response I have had gluten-free, he still had me get an upper GI/Small bowel barium swallow. Will this show anything relating to celiac if there is damage? Sorry for all the questions. This dr., although personable, is soon to be history. Thanks again, R

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